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  • Waterstone's Founder Says Ebook Revolution is Over (April 2, 2014): Waterstone's founder declares that the ebook revolution is over and that print books will prevail.

  • Kobo Announces Kobo Aura HD Reader (April 24, 2013): Kobo has announced the launch of its new Kobo Aura HD Reader. The devices has a 6.8-inch Pearl E Ink display and costs $169.99.

  • Thomas Pynchon Relents and Allows His Books to Be Published in Digital Format (June 13, 2012):

  • Indigo Sells Interest in Kobo Ebook Reader to Rakuten, Inc. (November 9, 2011):

  • Kindle Ebooks Coming to 11,000 U.S. Libraries (September 22, 2011):

  • Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Has Sold Over 1 Million Digital Copies (April 13, 2011):

  • Amazon to Add Real Page Numbers to Kindle Ebooks (February 22, 2011):

  • U.K. Trade Regulator Launching Ebook Price Investigation (February 4, 2011):

  • Ebook Sales Booming in Great Britain (January 6, 2011):

  • Stieg Larsson First Member of the Kindle Million Club (August 5, 2010):

  • Concern Over Ebooks at 2010 BookExpo (May 26, 2010):

  • Kindle Textbook Runs Into Trouble With Text to Speech for Blind (November 13, 2009):

  • School Library Goes Completely Digital (November 10, 2009):

  • HarperCollins Releasing Tolkien's Works in Ebook Format (April 21, 2009):

  • Del Rey Launches Suvudu Free Book Library (March 5, 2009):

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