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  • Oxford Dictionaries Names Selfie the Word of the Year (November 19, 2013): Selfie is the new word of the year, according to The Oxford Dictionaries.

  • Oxford Dictionaries Online Add Words Twerk, Babymoon and Selfie to its Lexicon (August 31, 2013): Babymoon, selfie, twerk and omishambles are all new words added to the Oxford online dictionary

  • Wordnik Could Be World's Biggest Online Dictionary (March 16, 2009):

  • Merriam-Webster Adds 100 New Words and Phrases (July 9, 2008):

  • Merriam-Webster Gets Visual (May 12, 2008):

  • American Dialect Society Names Subprime 2007's Word of the Year (January 23, 2008):

  • Word of the Year: w00t (January 8, 2008):

  • Goodbye to the Hyphens (September 26, 2007):

  • Merriam-Webster Adds 100 New Words (July 13, 2007):

  • We Skip Letters When We Read (February 23, 2007):

  • Plutoed Named Word of the Year (January 17, 2007):

  • Truthiness is Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year (December 13, 2006):

  • New Zealand to Allow Text-Speak in Exams (November 11, 2006):

  • The End of Cursive Writing (October 11, 2006):

  • Tech Lingo Still Confuses People (October 5, 2006):

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