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P.D. James Pleased With Film Version of Children of Men

January 8, 2007

Still from Children of Men The new film, Children of Men is based on the dystopian novel of the same name by bestselling British author P.D. James. In the novel, the human race has inexplicably become incapable of reproducing. Theo, a revolutionary leader played by Clive Owen must protect a young pregnant immigrant girl who may be humankind's last hope. He must smuggle the girl out of the country and deliver her to the ultra-secretive Human Project. Director Alfonso Cuar�n quite a few things when he adapted the book to a movie format, but reportedly P.D. James is quite happy with the film, which is receiving stellar reviews. Cuar�n discusses his vision of the film with Sci Fi's Mike Szymanski:
We heard that you weren't interested in doing a science-fiction project at first. Is that true?

Cuar�n: True. I was not interested in the project. I didn't respond to the material. I was not interested in doing science fiction. ... The book takes place in a very posh universe. I love [P.D.] James, but I couldn't see myself doing the movie. Nevertheless the premise kept on haunting me, for weeks and weeks and weeks. ... I used the book as a jumping-off point.

Did you divert a lot from the book?

Cuar�n: Yes. In the book Kee doesn't exist; it's [the] Julianne Moore [character] who was pregnant, and we just took a big departure there. ... We did have to honor the part of the story of the immigration [addressed in the book], but we created the whole thing with the refugees. We took the book as a point of departure to look at the state of men now, and added things like the Homeland Security and the whole idea of what is happening outside in the world.

Did the author see the final version of the film?

Cuar�n: She did see the final version, and it is quite different, and she said she is proud to be associated with the film.
Cuar�n, who is best known to general audiences for being the director of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has a reputation for being respectful of an author's work. J.K. Rowling reportedly was happy with his work and he is in the running to direct another Potter film. Children of Men -- which we can't wait to see -- is playing in theaters nationwide.

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