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  • Ohio May Get Its First Poet Laureate (June 9, 2014): Ohio may get its first official Poet Laureate if a proposed bill passes the Ohio House. The Senate has already approved it.

  • Alexander Stinton Wins 2014 Sophie Kerr Prize (May 16, 2014): Alexander Stinton is the winner of the 2014 Sophie Kerr Prize which is awarded by Washington College.

  • University of Sheffield Unveils World's First Air-Cleansing Poem (May 15, 2014): University of Sheffield unveils world's first air-cleansing poem. The poem is printed on a giant poster coated with microscopic pollution-eating particles of titanium oxide.

  • Winner of the 2014 Pegasus Award for Poetry Criticism Announced (May 8, 2014): The University of California Press is the winner of the 2014 Pegasus Award for Poetry Criticism

  • Edgar Allan Poe House Reopens in Baltimore (May 6, 2014): The Edgar Allan Poe House has reopened in Baltimore. It will be open on weekends starting May 24.

  • Claudia Rankine Wins 2014 Jackson Poetry Prize (April 25, 2014): Claudia Rankine is the winner of the 2014 Jackson Poetry Prize. The award carries a $50,000 prize.

  • National Book Award Judges Named for 2014 (April 1, 2014): The National Book foundation has announced the judges for the 2014 National Book Awards. The entry form closes on May 15th for submissions.

  • Frank X Walker Wins NAACP Image Award for Poetry (February 26, 2014): Frank X Walker is the winner of the NAACP Image Award for Poetry. Walker is ccurrently the Kentucky Poet Laureate.

  • Two New Poems By Greek Poet Sappho Discovered on Ancient Papyrus (February 14, 2014): Researchers have recovered two new poems by Greek poet Sappho on a papyrus fragment.

  • Herbie Hancock Named Harvard University's 2014 Norton Professor of Poetry (January 18, 2014): Grammy winning pianist and composer Herbie Hancock has been named Harvard University's 2014 Norton Professor of Poetry.

  • Sinead Morrissey Wins 2013 T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry (January 16, 2014): Sinead Morrissey is the winner of the 2013 T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry. She has been shortlisted for the prize a total of four times.

  • Scottish Poet Douglas Dunn Wins 2013 Queen's Medal for Poetry (January 6, 2014): Scottish poet Douglas Dunn is the winner of the 2013 Queen's Medal for Poetry

  • Philip Levine Wins Wallace Stevens Award (September 25, 2013): Philip Levine has been named the winer of the Wallace Stevens Award. The prize is award by the American Academy of Poets and carries a $100,000 cash prize.

  • Sinead Morrissey is Belfast's First Poet Laureate (August 16, 2013): Sinead Morrissey is Belfast's first Poet Laureate. She will produce a series of poems about Belfast.

  • Bestselling Indian Author Vikram Seth Blows Book Deadline, Asked to Return 1 Million Pound Advance (July 14, 2013): Author and poet Vikram Seth asked to return 1 million pound advance after missing the deadline for the sequel to A Suitable Boy.

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